The Hidden Gardens of Northbrook program was a way to celebrate the quiet gardeners in your neighborhood who decorate our village with blooms and bowers of all kinds.

Northbrook has always been a hotbed for nurseries and flower growing, ever since its inception.  Many of the early residents of Northbrook were farmers, and some of them specialized in flower growing: dahlias, peonies, other varieties were abundant.

The farm fields of the early settlers grew along with the village in those days, and their memory lives on in the hard-working heritage and culture that they cultivated, and also in the flower bulbs that they produced.  The genetics within some of Northbrook’s early flowers continue to this day, and some can even be found in the Hidden Gardens of Northbrook!


Interestingly, an initiative at the Village Hall many years later declared Northbrook’s official flower as the Scarlet Flame Zinnia.

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