In 2001, The Village of Northbrook celebrated 100 years.  On November 18th, 1901, Shermerville was incorporated as a village in the State of Illinois.  Twenty-two years later, it was renamed as Northbrook and the rest is, as they say, history.

For the 100th anniversary celebration, the Northbrook Historical Society began planning events and special projects as early as 1997.   Society President Judy Hughes, the Board of Directors, and all the volunteers and historians like Don Hintz and Barbara Schulz led the way and conducted video interviews, gathered photographs and filmed scenes of Northbrook and more for the video “Northbrook: An American Tapestry” and the book, “The Fabric of Our History”.  At the Center for Performing Arts at GBN, “Northbrook: A Century in Song” was a huge hit. The Northbrook 4th of July parade featured the centennial, and there were a multitude of other village events that complemented one another as part of the overall celebration of Northbrook’s 1st 100 years.

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