Local students have visited the Northbrook History Museum since 1989

Developed by teachers and staffed by trained docents, this program offers a unique learning experience for students in the second, third, and fourth grades. During the visit, the children learn about the growth of the village, from a quiet farming community to a modern suburb, and about daily life before running water, central heating, electricity, radio and television. Through the use of age-appropriate activities, this hands-on learning experience uses toys, tools, and utensils of the period to bring history to life.

The students learn about the village, clothing, toys and chores familiar to children living in Shermerville at the turn of the century and the history of Shermerville/Northbrook, its people, and the events that made it grow. The program includes hands-on activities and a tour of the restored 1890s home in the Northbrook History Museum.

The Northbrook Historical Society is proud to host this local history program designed to complement the school curriculum. Each year, hundreds of children take part in this unique learning experience.

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