Horace E. Durrenberg placed a notice in the newspaper inviting people interested in forming a Historical Society to a meeting at his home on October 9, 1973. The following people were in attendance: Larry Sommers, Lowell Mueller, Norman Watson, John S. Clark, Louis Werhane, Barbara Nolan, Marci Johnson, Helen Nordland, and Morris and Rose Anderson. This was the first meeting of what would be the Northbrook Historical Society.

The second meeting was held at the Durrenberg’s home on October 25, 1973. The main topic of discussion was the possible acquisition of Bartelme’s Northfield Inn, and if there was there enough interest to form a Historical Society. By the end of the evening, they made the momentous decision to move forward with forming a Society and to explore the possibility of moving the Bartelme’s Northfield Inn to use as their future home. Elections of the first officers and directors were held that evening.

The Northbrook Historical Society was organized in December 1973 and Incorporated in March 1974 by residents interested in preserving the history of our Village.  As stated in the bylaws, the purpose of the society is:

To discover, collect, preserve and disseminate knowledge that establishes or illustrates the history of the Village of Northbrook, its exploration, settlement, development and progress.

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