Addressing Shermerfest 2019 Concerns

In light of the venue change for Northbrook Days, the Northbrook Historical Society has received many questions about the 2019 Shermerfest. First and foremost, we can assure you that the 41st Shermerfest will proceed on schedule in the Village Green.

Shermerfest – Sunday September 15, 2019

The Northbrook Park District and Northbrook Historical Society have worked collaboratively on many endeavors over the years including Shermerfest. While the Park District always will make the final decision on whether an activity will proceed in one of its parks, or an area is off limits, the Society is used to working with and setting up around areas deemed by the Park District as off limits.

Historically, Shermerfest and Northbrook Days have several things in common: Both are family-oriented festivals, both are indelible parts of the Village fabric and history, and for decades, both have shared a home in Village Green Park.

But differences also are apparent, including major ones in the size, scope, and environmental impact of the two festivals. Those differences are:

  • Shermerfest’s overall impact on Village Green Park is really very little compared to that of Northbrook Days.
  • Most important for the trees and grounds of Village Green Park, Northbrook Days requires many large vehicles to travel through various parts of the park to deliver tents and rides. The fenced off overflow area for the creek located east of the path passing in front of the gazebo is where the worker’s living quarters (trailers) are set up, and where their vehicles go in and out of the park multiple times a day before the carnival opens and after it closes.
  • Counting setup and takedown, Northbrook Days affects large areas of Village Green Park for over a week. Shermerfest is strictly a one-day event, including setup and takedown, with the actual festival operating for only four hours.
  • Shermerfest has the flexibility to move our small operation around to avoid off-limit areas. Northbrook Days does not have that flexibility due to the size and number of tents, booths and rides they need in order to have a successful event. Northbrook Days deals with a budget and profits in six figures. A successful Shermerfest usually nets from $10,000 to $13,000.
  • Shermerfest requires virtually no large vehicles. With the exception of the Sunset Popcorn Wagon, Calliope and Huckster Truck, no vehicles are allowed on the gazebo side of the path where many of the tree roots are located.
  • The classic cars at Shermerfest enter the park on asphalt paths, and most occupy areas that have little or no effect on the root systems of trees.  Though the classic vehicle show features a variety of entries, virtually all are cars. And . . . a Model A, for example, weights only about 2,500 pounds — no comparison to a large delivery truck for carnival rides or supplies.

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